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The value of a society becomes not measured in the market value! The valency is the solidarity and help of hundred thousands, in an honourary capacity active people in organisations or associations, as well as uncountable individual initiatives.They help the weak, the threatened, the starving, the homeless children, the victims of disasters and wars, the threatened animal world and plant world, the threatened planet. . . . . !Each of you is a part of the "Mother Theresa"!Help with your possibilities to receive our world, to promote humanitarian concerns and you support please now, the most different offers of citizens' groups and Hilfsorganisationen. in of your region or Worldwide.
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Society & politics

Citizens' initiatives & commitment

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Albatros e.V. Berlin

BVBB-Zentrale Bürgerverein Berlin-Brandenburg Mahlow

EFCS Verein zur Erhaltung und Förderung des Charakters vom Schönwalde/Havelland e.V. Schönwalde

Förderverein für die Wiederherstellung des Stadtkanals in Potsdam e.V. Potsdam

Kampagne gegen Wehrpflicht,Zwangsdienste und Militär in Potsdam Potsdam

Mehr Demokratie e.V. Berlin Pankow

Platane 19 e.V. Berlin

Rotary Club Wittstock Wittstock

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